How Biova Organic will help your farm in West Africa

The agricultural sector is important for the well-being of West African countries. It provides employment, food and income. It is also an important part of national economies with most exporting countries being dependent on it as a key economic activity.

In West Africa, the agricultural sector covers a diverse range of crops such as cocoa, coffee, oil palm, groundnut, rice and soybeans. This diversity has helped increase production levels in the region from about 18 million tonnes in 1960 to 114 million tonnes in 2016. The use of modernized agricultural technology has increased yields per hectare from an average of 1 tonne per hectare to as much as 8 tonnes per hectare which has led to more food availability at affordable prices and greater exports revenues for these countries.

Partnering to Success

Supply chain and partners are key to success for a farm in West Africa. They can provide the necessary goods to sell, they can help with marketing and distribution, and they can allow you to participate in global markets.

The relationship between supply chains and West African farms is advantageous because of the high demand for food in Africa. Farmers need these organizations to allow them access to resources that would otherwise be unavailable. For example, some farmers may not have access to certain types of seeds or fertilizers. These companies also provide logistical support, consulting, and advocacy that will allow your farm in West Africa to grow.

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